What We Do

You Need Unique Products?? We Make them.

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Tricodia Team

About Us

Tricodia is a team started with a group of passionate and diligent people with a goal of reaching heights from nothing from zero to one. A faction of people skilled in various areas aggregated, sharing their ideas and views to bring out wonders, to work persistently to achieve the goal. We implant our skills into our works to make a mark in the world of innovation. We put in our heart and hand to ascend the stairs towards the endless lucrative future.

What We Do

Give us any task,we will do it in a unique way.
Your needs make us provocative,enthusiastic and demanding .
Your tasks give us the spirit of teamwork.
The output defines our team.
combined all together we give you Tricodia.

Our Mission

Tricodia commenced with the mission of making our product innovative. To use our existing skills and combine it with the existing technologies to bring out innovative ideas that can turn to be an asset to the world.


Works are what we do in Tricodia. The end products of our work defines who we are. These are some works evolved out of our teamwork.

Our Team

Team Tricodia is blessed with untiring crew. We help to establish innovation with our symbiosis, dare to take up any challenge..The unrivalled coding fraternity.. .


Sachin Dev S Executive Officer

Ambassador of the crew.An untiring person who is proficient in Coding.


Leadership Quality
Technical and professional expertise

Arathi T Sasidharan Financial / Sales

Number cruncher of the crew.Proficient in economic affairs.Versatile in enumerating.


Analytic wizard
Tallying skills
Enumerating skills
Work ethic

Ajesh KrishnanCore Developer

Technical pathfinder of the crew. Diligent and inquisitive in learning recent technologies.


Impressive Technical skills
Adept in Programming languages
Willingness to learn and research
Passion for work

Meera Nair GMarketing Officer

Merchandiser of the crew. An enthusiastic person with magnificent communication skill.


Communication skills
Language skills
Commercial awareness

Clince JoshyOperational Head

Operation head of the crew. A tactical person who is adept in forethought. An exceptional personage.


Decision making skills
Out of the box tactical thinking
Willingness to take risks in implementing ideas